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SureSafe Underbody Alignment Reports Pty Ltd has been in existence for in excess of nine years, operating principally in the Melbourne market as a smash repair. 

The founding owner of SureSafe has a long history of owning and operating smash repair shops. He saw a niche in the market for SureSafe created by the dearth of repairers who were prepared to commit themselves totally to working with the work providers (Insurers and Fleet owners). On that basis, He created the first Licenced Operators system in Australia and developed a culture of total commitment to the work providers. 

At the time this was done, it set SureSafe apart from every other repairer and repairer group in the country. Today when it is standard for repairers to work closely with work providers, SureSafe still stands apart for it is such an embedded culture to meet the suppliers needs that both corporately and within the repair shops. We are prepared to adjust our systems to meet any work suppliers need.

SureSafe has set rigid repair standards for its Members and our particular methods of repair used by our Members allow them to excel in the areas of quality, turnaround time and price competitiveness.

SureSafe is a privately owned Australian company. The owner is a qualified panel beater with thirty years of industry experience. Over this period, he has owned and operated a chain of panel repair shops.

Suite 10, Level 1, 902 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon 3040, Melbourne

SureSafe recognises the role of the smash repair shop is not only to repair the damage of the body of a motor vehicle, but also to manage the repair process for all damaged parts. Repair shops are at the mercy of a variety of sublet providers in terms of quality of work and turnaround times.

In order to overcome this, SureSafe has incorporated this into its network, which is the major sublet providers required to repair a damaged vehicle. This includes a mechanical repair shop (for mechanical and suspension damage), and a radiator and air-conditioning repair shop.

SureSafe shops have geographical coverage over metropolitan Melbourne. SureSafe negotiates with work providers for SureSafe to act as a preferred smash repair outlet, and then work is either directed through Head Office or directly to the individual shops by those work suppliers.

SureSafe shops complete all work and forward their invoice to Head Office. In turn, SureSafe Head Office invoices the work supplier and attends to all follow up matters.

A member of our Head Office staff is constantly calling into the repair shops to monitor the quality of repairs.

Should a client have a problem at any time with the repairs carried out to an individual vehicle, the complaint is referred to SureSafe Head Office, who ensures that the complaint is resolved to the clients satisfaction.


  • SureSafe sites are compliant to AS NZS ISO 9001- 2000 Quality management systems
  • SureSafe sites are compliant to AS NZS 4801-2001 Occupational health and safety management systems
  • SureSafe sites are Compliant to AS NZS 4360 - 2004 Risk Management

SureSafe has two technical managers who visit outlets to assist with the running of their business, and to ensure the quality of repairs are being met according to SureSafe Standards.

SureSafe has an internal auditor and each shop is audited monthly to ensure that all quality requirements are complied with, each shop is externally audited by an approved JAS-ANZ Certification Body annually.

SureSafe has management meetings every month and there are two training seminars conducted each year. The Training Manager is available to each site to assist and train new technicians.

Organisations requiring damage repair work to be carried out, the following are the main benefits of dealing with SureSafe.

We are one of the largest panel repair networks with the 'edge in the motor vehicle repair industry.
We have maintained an established track record of meeting our clients needs for over nine years.
On average our turnaround time to repair damaged vehicles is within 7 days.
We are consistent in maintaining a low average cost for the past nine years.
SureSafe provides one point of reference for clients, through our 1800 628 566 number; this service is to have all issues addressed, regardless of where the vehicle is repaired.

  • SureSafe Licenced Operator
  • SureSafe Accredited Technicians
  • SureSafe Specialised Repair Procedures and standards
  • Quality Management Vehicle Repair Document
  • Vehicle Manufacturer Approved Equipment
  • Underbody Tolerance Report to manufacturers specifications
  • Repairs are guaranteed for five years
  • Onsite quoting at client site
  • Our licensed operators employ strict SureSafe standards of repair
  • We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients


  • We are a recommended repairer for a number of Insurance Companies
  • Our outlets conduct work for Fleet Management organizations
  • Corporate Vehicle Repairs
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